Picardie CitroŽn

April 1935 timetable - l'horaire avril 1935

Seaside route 24 ("ligne de mer") from Dieppe along the coast to Le Touquet by way of Le Trťport, Abbeville and Berck-Plage.
A very seasonal operation with limited winter service. The connections at Abbeville under the timings indicate some of the other routes of the company, eg lignes 1 and 3 to Amiens. Strangely there is no mention at all of Boulogne which is in the heading of the timetable.

1935 timetable Dieppe - Le Touquet

The main base of operations for S.A. Transports Picardie CitroŽn was in Amiens

timetable from the James Bunting collection for which many thanks

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