Réseaux de Mulhouse et de Strasbourg

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The Mulhouse and Strasbourg networks in 1971

The Strasbourg and Mulhouse networks in 1950

Les réseaux de Mulhouse et de Strasbourg de 1971

Les réseaux de Strasbourg et de Mulhouse de 1950

Strasbourg was amongst the earliest of the Citroën networks, starting in late 1932.

Strasbourg a été parmi les premiers des réseaux Citroën, à partir de fin 1932.

mulhouse and strasbourg list of routes 1971

Over the years the format of the Transports Citroën timetable books varied. The orange covers of pre-war years and up until the 1950s were eventually replaced by 1968 by the smaller style represented by the Réseau de Moulins booklet. The blue covers appear to have become universal on all  the Réseaux from 1971 onwards.

See below for the 1950 timetable and maps for the Strasbourg and Mulhouse networks. 

Note that there are three internatiuonal routes into Switzerland forming part of the Mulhouse network (in both 1950 and 1971).

1950 Strasbourg ticket
Billet de Strasbourg 1950

Strasbourg TC ticket 1950
mulhouse and strasbourg map 1971

The 1970 Mulhouse map alongside also shows some of the routes of the Vésoul network, connecting at Belfort and Thann. No such connections are shown on the 1950 map below, but Vésoul is listed then as a Citroën réseau nonetheless.

strasbourg timetable lignes 2a 2b 1971

strasbourg ligne 14 timetable 1971
ligne 7 timetable mulhouse 1971
ligne 7 mulhouse stops 1971

1950 cover and strasbourg map

mulhouse map 1950
list of the other networks

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