Réseau de Moulins

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The Moulins network in 1970

Le réseau de Moulins de 1970

Over the years the format of the Transports Citroën timetable books varied. The orange covers of pre-war years and up until the 1950s were eventually replaced by 1968 with the style represented by the adjoining Réseau de Moulins booklet. The blue covers appear to have become universal on all  the Réseaux from 1971 onwards. Although it may perhaps instead have been a distinction between booklets for directly operated réseaux and networks operated by concessionary companies. The smaller booklets like Moulins contain third party advertisements; the blue booklets for the réseaux  did not.

Another strong operator at that time in the Moulins area was Courriers  de Bourbonnais, a subsidiary of the GTI-VIA-Transcar group; it is believed their routes passed to

The two routes from the Clermont Ferrand réseau reaching into the Moulins area (lignes 3 and 9 on the map) are described in the Moulins booklet as being operated by TCAB - Transports Citroën d'Auvergne et du Bourbonnais; a name which no longer appeared in the 1971 Clermont Ferrand booklet, although it  was the name in use there in earlier years, at least until 1965 (see illustration below).

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1956 timetable cover auvergne
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ligne 1 timetable
moulins ligne 8 timetable

A Citroen bus on the route from Poitiers to Chateauroux. Picture taken at St Gaultier (Indre).
Le car Citroen sur la ligne de Poitiers à Chateauroux. Vue prise à St Gaultier (Indre).
le car citroen a st gaultier (indre)

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