Another selection of their coaches from Malcolm Knight 

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Bedford SB VOR160 at Blandford depot - it was one of the vehicles I came across in my 1971 journeyings described in 'Passenger with Pearce'. It was working the Frampton - Dorchester route on the day I rode on it. A member of the fleet for 19 years from April 1965 to September 1984.
Bedford Minibus FJT452D, 11-seater with Martin Walter body, bought new in November 1966 and in the fleet until 1971.
   minibus FJT452D
Volvo / Duple 4506UB at Dorchester Council Yard, bought from Smiths of Wigan in 1986 and sold in 1990.
   Volvo 4506UB at Dorchester
CBU52C at the Council Yard in Trinity Street, Dorchester.  One of three Bedford SB5 / Duple 41-seaters bought new in 1965; the other two were CBU51C and CBU53C.  The vehicle to the right is probably House of Hilton's Bedford OB LTA904.    Bedford CBU52C
A line up of four Bere Regis vehicles resting between duties.  From the left UFX567, one of two AEC 51-seaters new to Bere Regis in 1963 (the other was UFX568); then follow a trio of Bedford SB: 4761AC, UFR123 and OBA776.    line up of four coaches
Two Bere Regis vehicles picking up at Dorchester Museum,  Bedford SB 4761AC leads an unidentified coach. In the fleet from 1965 until 1982.
780TTE, a Ford / Plaxton 41-seater that was new to Travis of Droylsden in 1961. In the fleet from 1967 until 1982.
  Ford Plaxton 780TTE
MTK328, a Bedford / Plaxton 41-seater, new to Bere Regis in 1961.  Colin Hallett remembers it boiling up at Sherborne one day in 1981.   Bedford Plaxton MTK328
Bedford SB VHO443 with Burlingham Seagull body, parked somewhere, somewhen . . . only in the fleet for three years from 1968 to 1971.
JP8147, seen in November 1964.  A 1950 AEC Regal with a Beccols Roadmaster body. Bere Regis had several similar vehicles, acquired possibly through Lancashire Motor Traders with whom there was a close relationship.  In the fleet from 1955 to 1965.

(photo by Ken Jubb)
  AEC Regal JP8147

The development of the Bere Regis & District bus service network from 1949 to 1979 is outlined here in a chart listing the routes.

A list of the operators acquired by Bere Regis & District over the years is here.


======== all photographs courtesy of Malcolm Knight except JP8147 which was taken by Ken Jubb ============


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