Around the coast of the Pas de Calais 

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In that part of the coast from Boulogne going south will be found a string of well known beach resorts, some frequented by the rich and famous, the most famous perhaps Le Touquet, also known as Paris-Plage. The railway lies a little inland from the coastal resorts so buses have always played a significant part in the transport links hereabouts. One of the longest established operators is Transports Dumont with the head office in Hesdin and other depots at Berck-sur-Mer and Boulogne.

The business was founded as Transports Dumont in 1925 at Frévent by Georges Dumont, the great-grandfather of the present patron Vincent Dumont. The very first route is believed to have between Frévent and Hesdin; the headquarters of the firm relocated to rue de la Breche in Hesdin in 1930, and has remained there since. 

A significant longer distance route was introduced from the coast at Berck-Plage through Hesdin to the major city of Lille, continuing on to nearby Tourcoing and Roubaix. There was competition over the greater part of this route for many years between Lille and Berck from Transports Citroen (ligne 11). Citroen also had a second route from Lille to Berck via Aire-sur-la-Lys (ligne 10). The Dumont service to Roubaix was to be operated for some seventy years until it was cut back to St Pol sur Ternoise in 2001 following a decision made by the regional council. The loss of this 'flagship' route was a sad blow to the firm.

Other routes along the coast to the south of Etaples had been developed over the years through Le Touquet to Berck. There was also a regular link from Berck to the rail station at Rang-du-Fliers.  The coastal routes were to expand further in 1966 when the business of Transports Pieffer of Boulogne was aquired, leading to the extension of the coastal routes northwards from Etaples to Boulogne (see timetable illustration), as well as a route to Hardelot from Boulogne. Other expansion in later years saw the takeover of the operations of competitors Courtin of Hesdin (who operated from there to Abbeville) and Fourcroy of Beaurainville.

List of Dumont routes from the 1966 timetable booklet of the Boulogne tourist office

dumont advertisement 1966

In 2012 the company - with over seventy vehicles and a hundred staff - continues in operation as a major tourism and holiday operator as well as operating schools and bus services for no less than four contracting authorities: Colvert; Trans'80 Somme; Transport Urbain Berckois; and Ligne BCD Boulogne - Calais - Dunkerque.  Timetables from some earlier years are shown below, but it is pleasing to record that Dumont still operates over part of the former 'flagship' route from Hesdin to Berck.

The 1983 timetable for the long Berck - Hesdin - Saint Pol - Lille - Roubaix route
timetable 1983 Berck - Lille - Roubaix

1983 timetable cover and map

1966 timetable for the then newly extended coastal route
1983 timetable cover

coastal route tiemtable 1966

earlier timetables for local and long distance routes indicating possible joint operation with Lebas Freres of Marconnelle
timetable hesdin - berck

timetable berck - roubaix

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