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Situated on an isthmus between two fjords and the surrounding hills, Klaksvik is the second city of the Faroe Islands. An independent muncipality since 1908, the town grew from five small districts in the Northern Isles in the middle of the 19th century to the best fishing port in the country by around 1960. Thus it was quite natural for Klaksvķk, which is located next to one of the best harbours in the Faroes, to become the commercial centre of the region. Today some 5,000 people live in the biggest fishing community in the Faroes. Since 2006, Klaksvik, Boršoy and the northern isles have been connected with the central Faroes via the undersea Noršoya road tunnel to Leirvķk on Eysturoy (served by Bygdaleišir bus routes 400 to the capital Tórshavn and 410 to Fuglafjųršur).

A new initiative started on 14th August 2014 with the introduction of town buses in Klaksvik. The principal circular route covering the districts on both sides of the harbour operates half-hourly Monday to Friday daytime, with an evening service hourly until 2200 hours (route 1). Two other routes, one northwards off the left hand edge of the map to Anirnar (route 3), the other south-easterly off the top right hand corner of the map to Noršoyri (route 2), operate hourly (two-hourly in the evening). All routes start from Sandin (marked 18/48 on the map below), which is also the terminus of the Bygdaleišir interurban buses. There are morning deviations to cater for schools traffic. Two buses in yellow livery operate the routes, KG967 and KG318, believed to be Volvo B12 with Säffle bodywork; and thought to have been purchased by the Kommuna. Travel is free without payment.

From August 2016 Įrnafjųršur will also get a free Bussleišin connection to Klaksvķk, for which a new bus will be bought. It will make 11 trips per day. Previously Įrnafjųršur was served by an 'on request' diversion of Bygdaleišir bus route 500 from Klaksvik to Višareiši.

From 4th July 2019 routes 2 and 3 were combined into an extended route 2 running between Noršoyri and Įrnafjųršur.

map of main circular route 2014
2014 map of the main circular route around Klaksvik half-hourly - little has changed six years later
KG967 Klaksvik 2014
One of the two Klaksvik town buses seen in August 2014

The current Klaksvik timetable can be found here

As well as the town buses in Klaksvik since 2015 the Eysturkommuna council has operated its own Bussleišin route through the villages of Leirvik, Noršragųta and Syšrugųtu on the island of Eystuoy. An hourly service is operated, the timetable is here. The buses are provided by AP Busskoyring.

Another municipality that started its own local routes in January 2017 is Sunda, based around Oyri and Streymnes and the bridge linking the islands of Streymoy and Eysturoy. Route 1 runs from Oyri to Hósvķk, duplicating in part Bygdaleišir route 450. Route 2 links Oyri to Tjųrnuvķk and there were also on request services on certain days for Gjógv (Tuesday and Thursday) and Saksun (Wednesday). Operations are in the afternoon and evening allowing both of the buses to be used for school runs in the morning. A revised timetable from January 2019 no longer mentions the on request routes.  The vehicles are minbuses and operations are contracted to HZ Bussar of Streymnes. The timetable is here.

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