A selection of their vehicles from the camera of Malcolm Knight

The classic scene of 6149NX and LTA904 laying over between runs in Dorchester Council Yard, off Trinity Street.  One vehicle would be parked all day between the morning and evening workers runs, whilst the other would be working the shoppers and market day services.
6149NX and LTA904

Bedford OB / Duple LTA904 at the old garage in Hilton.  New in 1949 to Royal Blue, this 27-seater was with the House brothers from 1961 to 1973. Happily this bus has survived in preservation (owned by Edwards of Clanfield in Oxfordshire since 2002) and was exhibited at Showbus in 2013 in the livery of Premier Coaches of Watford, who had acquired it in turn in 1988 from Dell of Chesham.
Bedford OB / Duple LTA904

Seen in the lanes is this Duple bodied 41-seater Bedford SB XJH510. It had been new in 1956 and worked from Hilton from 1967 to 1973.


6149NX alongside LTA904 once again.  Mervyn House stands in front of the OB.  The Bedford SB Super Vega 41-seater served for thirteen years from 1966 to 1979; it had been new in 1960 and came south from Bermuda Coaches of Nuneaton.  At the time its purchase represented a major investment for the firm, and it was their largest vehicle until a 52-seater VAL was acquired in 1975.
6149NX alongside LTA904 once again.  Mervyn House stands in front of the OB.

======== all photographs courtesy of Malcolm Knight=========

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